How to choose the applicable shot blasting machine and sand blasting machine?

There are many types and types of shot blasting machines. How to choose the right shot blasting machine is a headache for many customers. Today, Donghai Lin Xiaobian talks about how to choose the conventional model of shot blasting machine. With the transformation of China's domestic market, in order to improve its core competitiveness, mechanical manufacturing enterprises pay more and more attention to product quality and technology. After the shot blasting of mechanical workpiece surface, the surface quality can be achieved, and the surface after painting is neat and beautiful. The market for shot blasting machine equipment will become more and more extensive, and how customers choose the shot blasting machine equipment suitable for their own products is directly related to the quality, working efficiency and operating cost of the product after shot blasting.

1. Track type shot blasting machine: used for cleaning and strengthening of castings and forgings, small round springs, bearings and other workpieces. The crawler type shot blasting machine is a general-purpose equipment. The main models are Q326 rubber track shot blasting machine, Q3210 rubber track shot blasting machine, 15GN steel track shot blasting machine and 28GN steel track shot blasting machine.

2. Hook type shot blasting machine: It is mainly applied to the surface treatment of various medium and large castings, forgings, weldments and heat-treated parts, including fragile and irregularly shaped workpieces. The general equipment types of the hook type shot blasting machine are Q376 single (double) hook type shot blasting machine and Q378 single (double) hook type shot blasting machine. This type of shot blasting machine can also be designed and manufactured according to parameters such as workpiece specifications provided by the customer.

3. Rotary shot blasting machine: It is suitable for the flat and fearful collision of workpieces. The workpiece is placed on the turntable and the projectile is thrown vertically to the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of shot peening. The rotary shot blasting machine is a general-purpose equipment. The main models include Q3510 rotary shot blasting machine, Q3512 rotary shot blasting machine and Q3515 rotary shot blasting machine.

4. Trolley type shot blasting machine: After the trolley carrying the large workpiece is opened to the shot blasting chamber, the door of the chamber is closed and the workpiece is shot blasted. At the same time as the shot blasting, the trolley can be used for rotary motion or trolley rotation. The movement can also be automatically reciprocated. The modified product is suitable for shot blasting of various large castings and forging structural parts.

5. Trolley type shot blasting combined cleaning machine: The trolley can not only carry the workpiece but also rotate, the workpiece is fully and effectively cleaned, only one cleaning room is needed. For the more complicated structure, the workpiece can be cleaned by shot peening. Thoroughly cleaned, the projectile circulation system is also compact, the machine footprint is small, and the energy consumption is lower than other cleaning equipment. It is used for surface cleaning and strengthening of steel structural parts and castings. It is more suitable for surface rust removal and surface oxide cleaning of thick steel billets. It is widely used in casting, forging and mechanical steel industries.

6. Hook-type shot blasting machine: Hook-type shot blasting machine is used to clean large-scale structural parts and castings with a weight of more than 2 tons, such as excavator booms, sticks, tower cranes in the construction industry, etc. It has the characteristics of good cleaning effect and high efficiency.

7. Catenary shot blasting machine: The catenary shot blasting machine is suitable for shot blasting of small cast iron parts, cast steel parts, forgings and stamping parts. It is especially suitable for the cleaning of forgings and castings to remove the stickiness on the surface of the workpiece. Sand, rust, scale, dirt, etc., make the surface of the workpiece appear metallic, eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion of the paint film when the workpiece is painted, and improve the surface and internal quality of the workpiece. purpose. The catenary shot blasting machine is divided into Q38 series catenary continuous shot blasting machine, Q48 series catenary stepping shot blasting machine and Q58 series catenary accumulation type shot blasting machine.

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