Shot blasting machine common problems and treatment methods

One. The dust of the dust collector contains too many projectiles, the air volume of the separator is too large, and the air damper is properly adjusted until the dust removal effect can be ensured, but the projectile is not sucked out.


two. Dust collector has low dust removal efficiency


1. The dust collector fan is wired incorrectly, the fan is reversed, and the cable is rewired;


2. The filter cartridge in the dust collector is not installed or damaged, or the filter cartridge is missing;


3. The connection of the dust removal pipe joint is not good, and the sealing of each component is guaranteed;


4. The workpiece to be cleaned does not fall sand as required, the molding sand remains too much, and the dust content of the dust removal inlet is too high;


5. The dust collector backflushing mechanism is not activated, or the number of times of activation is small, the dust blocks the filter cartridge, and the dust attached to the filter cartridge is removed in time.


three. Bucket promotion does not work


1. Clamp and remove the oversized particles at the bottom of the promotion machine;


2. The belt slips, adjusts the transmission wheel tensioning device, and tightens the belt;


3. There are too many pellets at the bottom of the promotion machine, stop in sequence and remove the pellets.


four. The cleaning effect of the shot blasting machine is not ideal


1. Insufficient supply of projectiles, appropriate addition of new projectiles;


2. The direction of the shot blasting machine is not accurate, and the position of the directional position of the blasting machine is adjusted;


3. The particle size difference is appropriate, and the particle size of the pellet is re-selected;


4. The pellets are agglomerated or used for too long, and the pellets are replaced.


Fives. The door of the cleaning room is not working or can not be opened, the door shaft is not well lubricated, and the lubricating oil is added;


six. The machine does not move agilely or does not follow the delineation action.


1. For electrical component damage, check and replace;


2. The electrical box is too dusty and fouled, and the electrical contact points are in poor contact;


3. The time relay has too much dust and dirt, and the electrical contact points are not well connected.


Seven. Screw conveyor does not work


1. The pellets are clogged, stop in sequence and remove the pellets;


2. The screw shaft is bent to correct or polish the outer diameter of the blade;


3. The screw shaft weld is broken and re-welded.


Eight. Separator separation is poor


1. Uneven flow curtain, adjust the flow control panel to reach the full curtain;


2. The wind speed in the separation zone is different. Adjust the butterfly valve of the separator air outlet to make the wind speed of the separation zone reach 4~5m/s, and adjust the position of the first and second adjustment plates. The shot blasting machine is mainly used for large structural parts. Forged parts, etc. There is no dead angle for cleaning the workpiece, and steel shot dust can be blown out.


nine. Pellet maintenance


The pellets remaining in the shot blasting machine should be sieved once every three months. It can be sorted by a vibrating machine of 60 mesh screen (it can also be sorted by manual hand sifting), and the pellets and dust of less than 60 mesh can be sieved out. The steel pellets in the net can be recycled and reused.


ten. Workpiece processing after spraying


Castings after shot blasting should be moved away from the shot blasting site for subsequent processing as soon as possible, so as to prevent the processed aluminum castings from being exposed to the vicinity of the shot blasting machine for a long time. The surface of the workpiece is dark and black due to oxidation and moisture, and the wet weather needs to pay attention to this link.

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