Can the magnet absorb stainless steel shot?

Let us explain the relationship between stainless steel and stainless steel:

People often use magnets to absorb stainless steel to verify its pros and cons and authenticity. It is considered good if it is not magnetic, and it is genuine. If it is magnetic, it is considered to be fake. It is stainless iron. In fact, this kind of "magnet suction" is used to distinguish Stainless steel pellets are true and false, and it is very wrong to judge the quality of stainless steel, and it is also unfavorable for the development of stainless steel pellet industry.

There are many types of stainless steel, which can be divided into five categories: austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic ferrite duplex stainless steel and precipitation hardened stainless steel. According to the organizational structure at room temperature, it can be divided into several categories:

1. Austenitic type: such as 304. 321. 316. 316L, etc.

2. Martensite or ferrite type: such as 430. 420. 410, etc.

Among them, austenite and precipitation hardening stainless steel are non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, while martensite or ferrite is magnetic.

Austenitic 304 materials commonly used as stainless steel pellets are generally non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, while martensites 430 and 410 are not magnetic due to chemical composition fluctuations due to high temperature during smelting or when processed into pellets. Think that the product is not 304 material or counterfeit goods. In fact, the determination of the good or bad of stainless steel pellets above austenitic 304 should depend on whether the content of nickel and chromium in it is sufficient. International 304 stainless steel generally contains more than 8% nickel and more than 18% chromium. In order to prevent magnetism, some stainless steels are used to reduce the content of nickel and chromium and increase the content of manganese or other elements to meet the non-magnetic requirements of customers.

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