Shot blasting machine common problems and treatment methods

One. The dust of the dust collector contains too many projectiles, the air volume of the separator is too large, and the air damper is properly adjusted until the dust removal effect can be ensured, but the projectile is not sucked out.

What are the advantages of high carbon reinforced steel shots and ordinary alloy cast steel shots?

There are many factors affecting the strength of shot blasting machine. Today, Donghai Lin Xiaobian sorted out the five main factors affecting the strength of shot blasting machine. The main factors affecting the strength of the shot blasting machine are: ① the bigger the shot blasting size, the greater the impact kinetic energy, the greater the shot blasting strength, but the coverage of shot blasting is reduced. Therefore, while ensuring the strength of shot blasting, smaller shot blasting should be selected as far as possible. In addition, shot peening size is also limited by part shape. When there is a groove on the part, the shot blasting diameter should be less than half of the circle radius in the groove. The size of shot blasting is usually selected between 6 and 50 mesh. The hardness of shot blasting when the hardness of shot blasting is higher than the hardness of parts, the change of its hardness value

Can the magnet absorb stainless steel shot?

Stainless steel sand material rust, the use of sandblasting process rust removal method to process. Is there any good rust removal essentials? Sandblasting process materials mainly on metal and other workpiece surface treatment, so that other coating can better protect the workpiece surface, can also use sandblasting process to make the workpiece surface produce special effects, remove burr, sandblasting rust, solve other dirty problems, to achieve the purpose of surface decoration. Here is the Hantong industry to talk about the essentials.

What are the main factors affecting the strength and performance of the shot blasting machine?

There are many factors affecting the strength of the shot blasting machine.

How to choose the applicable shot blasting machine and sand blasting machine?

There are many types and types of shot blasting machines. How to choose the right shot blasting machine is a headache for many customers.

Introduction to the use of media for sand blasting on the surface of aluminum profiles

In the aluminum profile industry, the sandblasting media can be divided into two categories. The first category is glass sand and the second type is stainless steel pellets. For environmental protection reasons

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