What are the advantages of high carbon reinforced steel shots and ordinary alloy cast steel shots?

First, the processing technology: using drawing, cutting, strengthening and other processes refined, the product particles are uniform, the particle size is from 0.2mm-2.0mm, the hardness and density are highly uniform, the product hardness is HV450-520, HV530-600, HV610-660, HV670-760.

Second, the service life: Owen's service life is 3500 times to 9600 cycles. The strengthened steel pill has strong toughness and is not easy to be broken. Therefore, it has long service life and strong impact resistance. It can reach the shot peening strength in a shorter time. The consumption is low, and the service life is 3-5 times higher than that of ordinary steel pellets of the same specification.

Third, the strengthening effect: can obtain the cyclic strain hardening microstructure in the surface layer of the workpiece and introduce the optimized residual compressive stress field in the surface layer, while the outer surface obtains low surface roughness, thereby increasing the treated workpiece by 30%. Fatigue life.

Fourth, cleaning efficiency: can bring high-quality shot blasting effect, strengthen steel shot cleaning compared with ordinary steel shot, the efficiency can be increased by 50%, so that the product reveals the true color of the metal.

5. Dust emission: The dust generated by the higher service life will be greatly reduced. The dust emission is less than 30% of the ordinary steel shot, reducing the load of the dust removal system, prolonging the service life of the equipment and reducing the pollution to the environment.

Grinding pellets have the following advantages: the grinding pellets have high toughness and tensile strength, and the abrasive pellets overcome all the weaknesses of the cast steel pellets, without pores and without breaking. Long service life, the most ideal metal abrasive in metal abrasives.

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